Teacher update 2024 online – May 19


Since the beginning of time, fire has been our guidance, our language, our expression. In the time of the Agni Yuga, the fire we know turns into impulses of consciousness. Through the initiations of the fireballs within us, new worlds of consciousness are uncovered and made accessible. For us as spiritual teachers, these are worlds of creation that we can influence alongside our own. Living in fire means that we juggle and play with fire on all levels. The fire is within us and around us. We are as close to the fire as the fire is close to us. There is no longer a separation between inside and outside.

May 19th, 2024 at

Santa Fe: 7am-10am
Germany: 3pm-6pm
Taiwan: 9pm-12am

Annual update for Spiritual Teachers of the Agni Tradition. The update will also be translated into Chinese. With your booking you will receive an invoice and an email with a zoom link.

By law, we are forced to charge the TVA as a matter of principle.

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